Welding Division

Sam Industries Limited, is known for superb quality Welding Consumables. The company is primarily engaged in the manufacturing and supply of export quality Welding Consumables ranging from Welding Electrodes to Welding Wires.

Our products are approved from various certification agencies and our high end clients quality testing procedures. This ensures genuineness of the products and our credibility.

Our product range includes:

  • Manual Metal Arc Electrodes
  • Solid Wires for TIG welding
  • Solid wires for MIG/MAG welding
  • Flux Cored Wires (FCAW)
  • Metal Cored Wires (MCW)
  • Wire/flux combinations for Submerged Arc (SAW)

We have Quality Management Systems for design, development and manufacturing certified by various agencies. Products are manufactured to conform with the current issues of BS, BS EN, AWS-ASME and DIN standards where applicable. Full test certificates are supplied with every order. All test laboratories used for external, mechanical and specialist testing are NAMAS approved.